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Food intolerance, besides meaning  that you are not able to enjoy the foods you once did, can also prevent you from getting the proper nutrition in your diet. This can obviously lead to more severe health issues. 

The question becomes how did you get here and what can you do to fix it?

Apex Energetics
Mucosal Health and Food Tolerance Program
supports the key areas of food tolerance:


A Dietary Plan

Use a food plan to support mucosal health and food tolerance, and identify and remove reactive foods


Digestive Enzymes

Supports the body's ability to break down proteins, fats, and carbohydrates


Healthy Microbial Environment

Support a healthy and diverse intestinal bacterial environment


Mucosal Support

Suppport the intestines' ability to help maintain a healthy mucosal layer


Proper Hepatic Cleansing

Support healthy phase I, II, and III detoxification


Immune Support

Support healthy immune regulatory function and immune tolerance

Food intolerace is a result of the immune system's reaction to certain foods. Many factors can result in an immune reaction to food including the ability to break down food properly, an unhealthy microbial environment,  and a weakened GI mucous membrane. These reactions can be caused by stress factors, environmental triggers, and more.

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