Now it is easy to get back on track with your diet and health! Help heal your body in as little as six weeks.Do you feel any of the following?	Decreased Energy Production	Endocrine Function	Inability to React Well to Stress	Persistent Muscle Imbalances	Fatigue	Stress	Allergies	Swollen Joints	Persistent Aches	Poor Liver Detoxification	Blood Sugar Handling Problems	Digestive IssuesWhile these factors have a significant impact on the population’s health, certain steps can be taken to support health and wellness. These include aiding four of the body’s key functions: Digestion, Detoxification, Immunity and Inflammation. Repair and Clear is a cleanse and repair kit that targets, repairs and supports 4 key functions:	Digestion	Detox	Immune	Reducing Inflammation.Though not a weight loss program, many people remove many inches and pounds with improved energy and health.The Cleanse Program PhasesFollow the 3 phases and reset your DNA for greater health with a 6 week program.Each step is detailed in a full color brochure, included with each kit. We have also added some of Dr. Sten Ekberg's own recipes to our site to help you out. Phase 1: Requires no dietary changes, and lasts 1 week and includes Tumero Active, Resvero Active and Ultra- D Complex. While there are no dietary changes we recommend searching for recipes that you will be able to eat on this cleanse.Phase 2: Support and Repair the Intestines, this phase may be extended from 2 weeks up to 12 weeks depending on the health of the gut and your immune status.Any autoimmunity patients, such as those with Hashimoto's, Lupus, Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis, etc., or those with severe allergies or brain conditions such as depression, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's, or any neurological symptoms etc. could extend this Phase 2 from 2 weeks up to 12 weeks if desired for full benefit.Phase 3: Is the Liver Support Phase which will be done on the last 3 weeks. Re introduction of the foods you have removed during this program should be carefully done and any return of symptoms from a particular food may be a sign for future avoidance.Heal Your BodyWe can re-engineer our DNA and re-program our own genetic personal blueprints to create an optimum healthy immune and anti inflammatory response. We can improve the absorption of nutrients. Then rekindle our detoxification system clearing out the toxins.What You GetFor Nutritional Info - See each individual Repair and Clear ProductThe 6 week program would consist of the following number of bottles and products:	2 ClearVite - gastrointestinal and metabolic support	4 Ultra-D Complex - high-potency liquid vitamin D 	1 Strengtia - probiotics & prebiotic support	1 RepairVite - intestinal support	1 Hepato-Synergy - hepatic detoxication	2 Turmero Active - support the immune system and the liver's detoxication activity	2 Resvero Active - support the immune system, the gastrointestinal system, and metabolic pathways	1 Glutathione Recycler - supports the synthesis and recycling of glutathione, which is a key factor in the body's antioxidant processes	1 Nitric Balance - nutritional support for tissues and the immune systemand supports peripheral blood flow to the brain, hands, feet, and other organs	1 GI-Synergy - supports the intestinal terrain REPAIR AND CLEAR helps the body and supports the CARE of:	Pain (Acute & Chronic)	Inflammatory Processes	Fatigue	Joint Health	Energy Production	Endocrine Function (Hypo and/or Hyper)	Liver Detoxification	Blood Sugar Handling	Gastrointestinal Tract Dysfunction	Inability to react well to Stress	Persistent Muscle Imbalances	Persist Aches	Sleep IssuesResults from PatientsOur patients have had great success from the Repair and Clear program besides feeling better overall we are seeing better results in the patient's blood work. Patient's blood work after the cleanse showed significant health improvements:	Improved TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone)	Decrease A1C - one patient cut their A1C in half in only 5 weeks. A1C is a measure of average levels of blood glucose for a 3 month average	Decrease in Triglycerides	Decrease in HDL Cholesterol	Improved Cholesterol ratios	Feel and look better	and more* Statements and health claims on these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration

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