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The 21-Day Metabolic Clearing Program is the cornerstone of Biogenetix nutritional supplement line. Using our Deluxe Metabolic Clearing Kit with a Basic Metabolic Clearing Kit to compliment a dietary plan for a complete lifestyle change.

Program consists of:

1x Deluxe Metabolic Clearing Kit

1x Basic Metabolic Clearing Kit

1x Program Booklet w/ Meal Plan


The kit includes the following supplements:

2x Metaboclear - Chocolate or Vanilla

2x MDS

2x BioG Max GSH

2x Bile Aid

2x Hepato-CL

1x Super G Antioxidant

1x BioG Max PC

1x BioG Max C

To follow up any 21-Day Metabolic Clearing Program, Biogenetix recommends supporting progress with Wellness Essentials Phase 2 & Wellness Essentials Phase 3. 

Biogenetix 21 day metabolic clearing kit

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