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Gentle touch to release the tension

Through a gentle touch, the practitioner works with the craniosacral rhythm to release tension in the fascia and balance the ligaments, muscles and bones. The craniosacral rhythm can be felt as a result of subtle palpation through contact with the cranium, spine, and sacrum and throughout the whole body. If there is no movement or expression of the craniosacral rhythm and tide throughout the body’s tissues, then restriction, dysfunction and pain may develop.


The CranioSacral therapist assesses the body for restrictions and uses a very light touch to encourage balance. Craniosacral therapy effectively creates deep change through gentle touch by addressing issues at the core. During craniosacral therapy the practitioner uses no more pressure than 5 gm to assess, resolve and prevent restrictions in the body. The treatment is deeply relaxing and some people fall asleep or may experience lightheadedness.



Reduce stress and increase blood flow

Therapeutic massage  is a form of manual therapy that applies pressure to the muscles, tendons, fascia and ligaments. Because massage releases endorphins and reduces stress hormones, massage is great for relaxation and increasing blood flow and releasing overall tension in the body. 

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