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Why The ROOTS  ?

Everything begins with The Roots. In order to set a proper foundation for optimal well being, just like a tree, we require the proper nourishment of the roots. If the roots are nourished then the entire system, plant or human body, has the ability to thrive.

The Gut is at the root cause of many chronic issues. The microbiome is a guiding force on our ability to digest and assimilate nutrients. Fixing leaky gut and rebalancing the microbome are core to overall health and maintaining proper weight.

The Gut Connection to Weight Loss

Research continues to show that the gut microbiome  has major effects on weight. The billion bacteria that reside in our gut can have an impact on our weight in numerous ways. Specific strains of bacteria can control mechanisms such as fat metabolism, blood sugar regulation, and hormone balance, which have a direct relation with weight gain. However, with gut microbiome imbalance having been shown to be related to issues such as mood disorders, fibromyalgia, and arthritis, we also feel the indirect consequence of weight gain through emotional eating and  inability to exercise properly. 

In addition, the gut microbiome keeps the gut lining intact. When the gut integrity is compromised, this creates a scenario of increased intestinal permeability, or leaky gut. Since the gut is responsible for absorbing nutrients and dispelling toxins, when the gut becomes leaky nutrients are not properly absorbed and toxins are not sufficiently removed from the body. This nutrient depletion and toxic burden wreaks havoc on the metabolism. 

We use state of the art testing, utilizing DNA Stool Analysis technology to identify imbalances in the gut microbiome. The testing both identifies pathogenic organisms including bacteria, candida, and parasites, and commensal, or beneficial bacteria that compete against pathogens and help maintain the gut lining. It also analyzes gut inflammation and proper digestion of nutrients which are also precursors to leaky gut. In addition we also run a separate test that measures the immune reaction to specific foods, or food sensitivity testing. Consuming foods that are not favorable to your gut, can continue to increase inflammation of the gut lining, which in turn may cause leaky gut.

Utilizing the 4 R's of restoring gut health, will help solve the gut issues that you have been experiencing. By getting to this root cause issue, it will help catalyze weight loss in incredible ways.


4 R's of Gut Health




Remove toxins like bad bacteria,

candida, food and environmental allergens, and heavy metals that create inflammation

Repair the leaky and damaged gut

by supplying nutrients to help

rebuild the gut lining

Restore good flora to the gut lining which support our immune system and nutrient absorption


Replace any nutrients which were

lost dut to poor absotption, and any digestive support acids or enzymes

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