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Uncover the Root Cause of your Health Issues



Using your existing blood work, we create a lab report with customized health recommendations and supplement list

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Have you taken a lab test in the last 3 months?  Or plan to take one soon?


  • Do you feel terrible but your doctor says all of your tests are fine?

  • Do you want to finally find out what is happening for you and do something about it- so that you can feel great again?

  • Do you want to take proactive steps to secure your health and wellness and reduce your chances of getting sick? 

Benefits of a Comprehensive Blood Chemistry Analysis


This blood test

  • Can reveal the source of your symptoms.

  • Pinpoint underlying health and wellness imbalances that are implicated in many common health complaints.

  • Identify hormonal, metabolic, and gastrointestinal contributors to your health problems with scientific accuracy

  • Provide vital information to implement optimal balance and health

  • Can be ordered securely online.

  • We can use the recent lab work you already have









































Blood tests have been used as a tool for measuring health for a long time. However, they have been used primarily as a means for diagnosing disease. Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis is a fresh new look at an old tool of measure with the intention of preventing disease before it takes hold of one’s health.


Current research and scientific study within the medical field has opened new doors into how nutrition professionals look at markers in the blood for nutritional deficiencies and imbalances. A comprehensive blood chemistry panel can give a nutrition professional insight into developing problems and allow for a preventative course of action.


There really is no better health screen that is more efficient than a comprehensive blood test. It will also establish a baseline that can be used to track a person’s health over time. When performed along with a comprehensive health evaluation it provides both the professional and the patient peace of mind knowing that a thorough screening has taken place.



What is the difference between a Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis and “regular” blood testing?


When interpreting blood chemistry lab results, there is a Functional Range and a Pathological Range. Test values that fall between the Functional Range and the Pathological Range are considered sub-clinical and can indicate the beginning stages of disease. They should be used as markers, indicating something that is not as good as it should be; or they can be a sign of a developing condition that is not bad enough to treat medically…at least not yet.


Most health practitioners today use only the Pathological Ranges and do not address the sub-clinical findings until they become a serious medical condition. The goal is to identify developing nutritional problems and prevent them from manifesting into a serious medical condition. This will help you on our path to true health and a better quality life.


Diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease are merely a cascade of symptoms indicating bodily imbalances.


Nutritional Analysis of Your Blood Test May Indicate the Need for:

  • Diet and lifestyle changes

  • Nutritional support of metabolic pathways

  • Nutritional support of key organs for weight loss and detoxification

  • Key nutrients such as Vitamin A, B6, B12, D

  • Fluid and electrolyte balance

  • Minerals such as magnesium, calcium and iron

  • Tissue hydration

  • And much more… 

Signs of Nutritional Imbalance: 
  • Mental and emotional symptoms including mood swings

  • Structural/musculo-skeletal symptoms

  • Optical symptoms like difficulty in night vision

  • Symptoms such as weight gain, fatigue, pain, etc.

  • Cardiovascular health issues

  • Others…


A person’s state of health should be monitored regularly. Doing so can significantly reduce the risk of developing many common disorders that plague our society today…such as…heart disease, cancer, diabetes/blood sugar imbalances, liver and thyroid conditions, kidney disease, stroke, anemia, vitamin/mineral deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, fatigue, abnormal weight gain, mood imbalances, bone loss, sexual dysfunction, memory impairment, and so on. There is no better time than right now to take the necessary steps to scientifically prevent future disease and achieve optimal health and well being!

If you already have a recent blood test, just submit your test results to  We will perform the Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis and provide you with a comprehensive Functional Health Report for only $30.




























What is included in the Functional Health Report?

  •  Credible, evidence-based analysis 

  •  Peer-reviewed "optimal ranges" along with the standard reference ranges

  •  Personalized Health Improvement Plan with either generic or specific product

  •  Recommendations using the nutraceutical line of your choice

  •  Background details about each lab element tested

  •  Functional Index Report showing the 20 Indices of Functional Health

  •  Blood Test History Report giving a historical view of the last 7 blood tests side by side

  •  Recommended Further Testing

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