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Get to the Root Cause of your Weight Issues


Restore Your Energy, Mood, and Vitality

 Lose That Stubborn Weight

 Heal Your Gut

Detox and Purify Your Body and Spirit

We can help you choose the natural weight loss program that is best suited to your needs. Through utilizing the Living Matrix TM Functional Medicine Analysis along with state of the art lab testing, utilizing advanced AI technology, we can help you attain your weight loss goals and optimal wellness.

Option 1:






We can help you choose the health program that is best suited to your weight loss needs. Through utilizing the Living Matrix TM Functional Medicine Analysis Tool we can identify the program that will most likely lead to optimal weight loss.

Get Your Functional Medicine Analysis

Option 2:

Lab Health



Choose a lab health program on your own. Using the power of artificial intelligence, the lab functional lab analysis program will develop a nutrition, lifestyle, and supplement plan. If you require assistance with interpretation of the lab, book as many functional medicine visits necessary.

Choose a Lab Health Program
Get Your Functional Medicine Analysis

Option 3:



Health Program

Choose one of our specially designed supplement health program that best fits your health issues and therefore weight loss needs. Along with supplements we will provide information on nutrition and lifestyle  for that specific program to best achieve optimal weight loss.

Choose a Supplement Health Program

Option 4:

Group Visits


and Health



Group visits and health coaching are great options to set the foundations of nutrition and lifestyle which are keys to weight loss and overall health. They also provide support to fulfill your weight loss goals. Group visits in particular provide education about the particular health issues you face

Join a Group Visit

The ARK 

Programs and Services

Initial functional medicine visit  -

  • Review Living Matrix TM Functional Medicine Analysis and determine the appropriate lab tests

  • Nutrition will be discussed and customization of diet to include more whole foods and crowd out processed foods. Assistance with replacement foods and meal ideas will allow your transition to healthy eating to be an easy process

Follow up functional medicine visits and emotional  health counseling sessions

  • Review labs

  • Create individualized health plan including diet, lifestyle, and supplements

  • Restore mind and body

Follow up to maintain your health gains

  • Biannual lab testing

  • Adjust diet and supplements as circumstances change

  • Maintain balance in everyday challenges with emotional health counseling 

  • Massage Therapy to support circulation, lymph drainage

Get Your Functional Medicine Analysis

4 labs 1 healthy you. This is our most in depth and comprehensive testing as it applies to weight loss. The take home tests in this package cover the essential aspects of your health including the neuro - endocrine, gut, and detoxification systems.

This enables you to get to the root cause of weight gain, and discover the solutions to attain your optimal weight and health.

Get the ARK Core 4

The ARK Core 4 program is designed to recharge your fire

within. Whether you don't have the stamina, focus,

patience, or just that get-up-and-go spirit, this package

was tailored made for you. By restoring hormonal balance,

harmonizing the neurotransmitters, and jumpstarting your

metabolic energy you can feel alive again!


Hippocrates, the father of medicine, once said,

"all diseases begin in the gut". The gut is

beyond digestive issues. Research has shown

that the gut has been linked to weight gain, 

auto-immune diseases, mood disorders, joint pain,

allergies, and more. The microbiome is integral in

the function of our immune, neuro-endocrine, and

nervous system. By healing the gut, the ARK Core 4

program can get to the foundation of well-being.


We encounter environmental toxins every day and try

our best to limit our exposure. However, it is impossible

to completely avoid them. The ARK Core 4 program was

created to boost your immune, detoxification,

and anti-oxidation pathways to be able to optimize

your internal purification system and get rid of the

onslaught of impurities.


Uncover the reason for your stubborn weight gain. 

Weight gain is not an issue in itself, but rather symptom

of health issues buried underneath the surface

The ARK Core 4 Program was designed to look at the underlying

causes for your difficulty with losing weight and the cravings

that come along with it. By focusing on the factors such as

the gut, insulin resistance, metabolic pathways,

neurotransmitter and hormone balance, you will begin to

shed weight like you have never imagined and more

importantly feel good doing it.


The ARK Core 4 Program is the complete package.

This comprehensive view of your health is the ultimate path

to feeling your possible best and increasing longevity.

Get the ARK Core 4

This lab panel checks all the boxes. It looks at many predominant reasons for weight gain including:

  • Thyroid Dysfunction

  • Hormone Imbalance

  • Insulin Resistance - Blood Sugar Dysregulation

  • Cortisol Imbalance - HPA Axis Dysfunction

  • Fatty Liver

  • Chronic Inflammation

  • Nutrient Deficiencies

This panel includes a functional medicine lab report which through advanced technology, uses an algorithm to detail your areas of greatest concern, suggested follow up testing, and personal supplement recommendations

Get the Comprehensive Weight Loss Panel

Are you plagued with digestive issues like heartburn, constipation, or diarrhea? 

Were you diagnosed with IBS, Crohn's, or Ulcerative Colitis?

Were you on a regimen of antibiotics and now have

a disrupted digestive system? Do certain foods bring on

symptoms like rashes, fatigue, joint pain, or moodiness?

Do you have difficulty losing weight no matter what food you eat?

You likely have leaky gut that may be accompanied with issues

like gut dysbiosis, H. Pylori, SIBO, or Candida overgrowth.

Through functional gut testing, we can discover the reason for

your digestive issues and create a treatment plan of diet and supplements to help you reclaim your digestive health and feel better again. 

Get the Pillars of GI Health Program

Do you need a reset on your health? Did you just come off a holiday or vacation filled with fun, but also plenty of unhealthy food? Have youbeen falling back into bad eating habits?

Do you just feel burdened by the environmental pollutants around you?

Has your energy been waning from the everyday grind?

Then the Core Restore Detox Program is just right for you. 

When the body is filled with toxins whether the source

is food, the environment, or stress, all your bodily systems take a major hit.

This leads to a weakened immune system, digestive issues, mental fog,

weight gain, lack of energy, and the list goes on. By resetting the system with the 7-day or 14-day Core Restore Detox Program, you will rid yourself of toxins and take back your health.

Get the Core Restore Detox Program

Do you need help with cleaning up your diet and develop healthy eating habits?

Tired of all the crash diets and just want to be consistent with healthy eating?

The Clean 14 nutritional program is an

easy-to-follow, two-week, science-based system

designed to help recalibrate food choices and

cultivate healthy eating patterns. It reinforces

the preferred ratio of protein, carbohydrates and fats,

based on Mediterranean dietary principles.

Get the Clean 14 Healthy Eating Program

Are you fatigued? Do your joints ache?

Is your stomach bloated after meals?

Do you get sick often?

Are you less able to handle stress?

Has a wave of mental fog come over you?

The Energy, Gut, Detox Program may help you

overcome these issues. During this program you

will boost the adrenal pathway,ramp up the

mitochondria, cleanse the gut, and detox the body. We will guide you

every step of the way, on how to eat, what supplements to take, and which exercises to do at each stage of the program. The idea is to reboot the system to give you a fresh start.

Get the Energy, Gut, Detox Program

Do you have existing lab work and your doctor

does not go into much detail about it? If you would like to

get a functional medicine perspective on your results,

we can utilize blood work, even as simple as a

CBC and CMP to run a functional medicine report.

We use an advanced blood chemistry software program

that uses an algorithm to reveal issues such as 

possible nutritional deficiencies, liver and gut dysfunction,

inflammation, and so on. It will also give specific

recommendations about diet and supplementation,

or further testing that may benefit you.

Bring in your blood work today to run a functional medicine lab report.

We also offer the following lab panels that include a functional medicine report:

  • Evexia Adrenal Function Panel

  • Evexia Anemia Panel

  • Evexia Bone Health Panel 

  • Evexia Abbreviated Cardiovascular Panel

  • Evexia Cardiovascular Panel

  • Evexia Comprehensive Cardiovascular Panel

  • Evexia Diabesity Panel

  • Evexia Energy Panel

  • Evexia Comprehensive Inflammation Panel

  • Evexia Comprehensive Obstetric / Prenatal Panel

  • Evexia Comprehensive Weight Loss Panel

  • Evexia Female Elite Panel

  • Evexia Male Elite Panel

  • Evexia Comprehensive Wellness Panel

  • Evexia Super-Chem Panel

  • Evexia Multi-Chem Panel 

  • Evexia Opti-Chem Panel 

  • Evexia Basic Panel 

Get a Blood Panel with a Functional Medicine Lab Analysis
Get a Functional Medicine Analysis of Existing Blood Work

Bringing functional medicine to the masses:

With group visits, we have created a platform​

that gives us the opportunity to reach more

people who want to attain their health goals.

We are able to communicate the importance of

setting a foundation for optimal wellness and

getting to the root cause of health issues more

efficiently by having access to many people at

once, rather than to one person at a time. 

This translates into spreading the message of the benefits of functional medicine at much more rapid pace. Group visits are also in many ways more effective than individual visits since there is accountability and commitment to a group through active participation and interaction. This encourages you to catalyze your own diet and lifestyle changes.

Topics include:

  • Advanced Prevention for Cardiovascular Disease 

  • Protecting Your Heart: The Blood Sugar/Blood Insulin Connection 

  • GI Foundations: Heal Your Gut Heal Your Body 

  • Restoring the Balance: Stress Hormones and Health 

  • Healthy Weight for Life 

  • Essentials of Immune Health 

  • Movement as Medicine

In addition to the presentation we also provide:

  • 60 minute Q and A session to answer any specific questions you have

  • intake form to identify what is ailing you

  • user friendly handouts with key lifestyle tips necessary to correct underlying health issues

  • tracking vital signs like blood pressure and heart rate

Join a Group Visit
Join a Group Visit

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