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Why The SPARK ?

In order to burn the fire of healing and weight loss, in other words the metabolism, a spark must be ignited. Physical activity when balanced between different techniques such as muscle resistance, cardio, yoga, and tai chi allows  the metabolism to both speed up and creates better pathways for the energy to flow. While you progress in your exercise routine, we help you provide the nutrients that support metabolism and get rid of the junk that hinders it. This will  in turn spark healthy weight loss.

The Metabolism Connection to Weight Loss

We commonly equate metabolism with burning calories. However, metabolism is actually the sum of all chemical reactions in the body. When the metabolism is running efficiently we maximize the utilization of nutrients for energy and cell growth. This balance between energy and cell growth is necessary for overall health of the body; swing too much in either direction and the consequences are disastrous. How weight fluctuates is a major indicator of how well the metabolism is functioning.

There are numerous mechanisms behind your metabolism. Some major players are thyroid function, liver function, and insulin sensitivity. Eating too much and inadequate exercise are obvious factors for dysfunction in these systems. But surprisingly, eating too little or overexertion can also cause these systems to go haywire. Therefore a main concentration of ours is to coach you on balanced nutrition and exercise.

Additionally, if we take a look at the metabolic cycle, there are key nutrients that are needed to convert the fuel that goes into the body in the form of food into energy in the form of ATP. If these nutrients are lacking, or if there are toxins that are robbing the body of nutrients such as heavy metals, the body can not produce adequate energy. This eventually leads to an inefficient metabolism, which consequently translates into issues with weight.

By guiding you on how and what to eat, supplementing nutrients, detoxifying from harmful substances, and proper exercise techniques, we will help regulate the thyroid function , insulin sensitivity, and liver funtion. This in turn will improve your metabolism, and bring you back to a healthy weight.



Strength Training









Physical Activity Pyramid




Strength and Flexibility

2-3 times per week

Aerobic Activity

4-5 times per week



Bike or Walk Instead of Driving

Take the Stairs

Yard Work

Household Chores

Park Car Far Away and Walk




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