The  Orchid has a unique character in that when it seems that it has ceased any sign of life due to lack of water or light, it magically revives when the flower is cared for again in the proper manner. So too this applies to the human body. Although compared to a machine, the body is nothing of the sort. Unlike a machine, the body has the capability to heal itself when it is nurtured back to health and reborn. This process can be facilitated by restoring the energy flow and calming the soul through counseling, massage, and focusing on rebalancing the neuro - endocrine system.

The Emotions Connection to Weight Loss

Some people say they have "an emotional tie to food." What science has shown is that emotions can guide our food choices. This is due to the fact that we are trying to compensate for the imbalances in brain chemistry, or neurotransmitters. When these levels are too high or low they convince us to make terrible food choices.

To add insult to injury, in times of chronic stress the body produces the hormone cortisol at high levels. As an evolutionary control mechanism, cortisol increases abdominal fat to protect the vital organs. To make matters even worse, when cortisol rises, it causes imbalance in thyroid hormone and sex hormones.

Unfortunately the negative consequence is weight gain in all the wrong places.

Therefore, we focus on stress reduction and improving sleep which will regulate the neurotransmitters and balance the hormones. We utilize the power of emotional health counseling and massage therapy, while coaching you on optimal nutrition, relaxation techniques, sleep hygiene, and supplements that help restore the neurotransmitter and hormone pathway. This is a truly holistic approach to reducing stress, which translates to ultimate weight loss.


Stress and Emotions Creation Cycle

Liver & Gallbladder

Negative Emotions - 

Anger, Jealousy, Envy

Stomach, Spleen, & Pancreas

Negative Emotions - 

Worry, Anxiety Mistrust

Heart & Small Intestine 

Negative Emotions -

Hate, Cruelty, Impatience

Heart & Small Intestine 

Physical Symtpoms -

- Palpitations 

- High Blood Pressure

- Chest Pain

Stomach, Spleen, & Pancreas

Physical Symtpoms -

- Impaired Digestion 

- Difficulty Eliminating Waste

Produced by Digestion

Liver & Gallbladder -

Physical Symtpoms -

- The Liver Produces More Cholesterol

- Bile Production Becomes Imbalanced, Impairing Digestion

- Blood Stagnates in the Liver, Reducing It's Ability to Detoxify

Lungs & Large Intestine

Negative Emotions -

Sadness, Depression

Kidney & Bladder

Negative Emotion -


Lungs & Large Intestine

Physical Symtpoms -

- Breathing Problems

- Decreased Oxygen in the Blood

- Constipation

Lungs & Large Intestine

Physical Symtpoms -

- Loss of Primordial and Sexual Energy

- The Body Becomes Acidic

- The Nervous System Becomes Stressed

- Loss of Life Force

Sheera Davis, LCSW provides emotional health counseling 
With years of experience, she uses compassion and empathy to help guide people, young and old, through the most difficult of times and everyday struggles.
We are affiliated with All About Massage & Stretching that provides Massage Therapy and the Center for Wellness that provides Chiropractic, Cold Laser Therapy, and more...
We are affiliated with Acupuncture Advantage that provides Acupuncture in a community setting at an affordable price of a sliding scale 


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