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Bringing functional medicine to the masses:

With group visits, we have created a platform​

that gives us the opportunity to reach more

people who want to attain their health goals.

We are able to communicate the importance of

setting a foundation for optimal wellness and

getting to the root cause of health issues more

efficiently by having access to many people at

once, rather than to one person at a time. 

This translates into spreading the message of the benefits of functional medicine at much more rapid pace. Group visits are also in many ways more effective than individual visits since there is accountability and commitment to a group through active participation and interaction. This encourages you to catalyze your own diet and lifestyle changes.

Topics include:

  • Advanced Prevention for Cardiovascular Disease 

  • Protecting Your Heart: The Blood Sugar/Blood Insulin Connection 

  • GI Foundations: Heal Your Gut Heal Your Body 

  • Restoring the Balance: Stress Hormones and Health 

  • Healthy Weight for Life 

  • Essentials of Immune Health 

  • Movement as Medicine

In addition to the presentation we also provide:

  • 60 minute Q and A session to answer any specific questions you have

  • intake form to identify what is ailing you

  • user friendly handouts with key lifestyle tips necessary to correct underlying health issues

  • tracking vital signs like blood pressure and heart rate

All 7 Group Visits

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