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  • Weight Management Profile - Estradiol, Progesterone, Testosterone, DHEA, Cortisol x 4, TSH, Free T4, Free T3, TPO Antibody, Vitamin D2/D3, Insulin, HgbA1c, hsCRP, Triglycerides, Total Cholesterol, LDL, VLDL, HDL

  • Comprehensive Elements Profile - Iodine, Bromine, Selenium, Zinc, Magnesium, Copper, Arsenic, Mercury, Cadmium, Lead

  • GI - Map DNA Stool Analysis Test

  • Organic Acid Test - Markers for fatty acid and carbohydrate metabolism, mitochondrial function, Neurotransmitters, B Vitamins, Methylation, Antioxidants, and Detoxification


Educational Info:

  • ​Free access to attend all 7 group visits (1 time each)
  • Access to Clean 14 group session (1 time)
  • Access to Core Restore group session (1 time)
  • Illustrated handouts on gut health, immune health, and hormonal health
  • Recipes for each step of the program
  • Food plans for each step of the program
  • Info on improving sleep hygieneI
  • Info on stress relief techniques
  • Info on exercise workouts


Labs come with specific recommendations based on scientific algorithms. However, we suggest that functional medicine visits to review the labs in order to create the best health plan that suits your individual needs.

In addition, we also advise you to take part in all the group visits, as they will reinforce your knowledge and help you to reach your health goals.

ARK Core 4

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