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Price includes Test Kit, Lab Results Review, Nutritional, Lifestyle, and Supplement Recommendations


The fundamentals of well-being start with understanding the nutritional and functional health of body cells.


BrainSpan Assessment utilizes BrainSpan Index -- a predictive view of a patient's well-being based on several metrics such as cognitive function and independent level of DHA, a fatty acid that supports neurogenesis throughout lifespan. The comprehensive report measures the patient's current cell health and includes personalized recommendations for how to improve it. 


• In over 6,000 people who took two Brainspan assessments, the average improvement was 50-60% in critical RBC cell fatty acid levels.


• The average gain in executive function was over 30% in 4-6 months.


• The BrainSpan Assessment can help identify nutritional deficits in the cells of the hippocampus that may be causing working memory issues.


• This improvement correlated with the expected increase in memory, cognitive flexibility, processing speed and attention across all age groups resulting in an average total executive function improvement of over 30%. 


BrainSpan has documented an average improvement of 60% or more in fatty acids over thousands of patients who performed the recommended testing protocol of 3 tests over 4-6 months.

BRAINSPAN TEST (Includes Lab Review)

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