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What is the Complete Hormones™ test?

Complete Hormones™ is Genova's most comprehensive urinary hormone profile, and is designed to assist with the clinical management of hormone-related symptoms in both male and females. This profile assesses parent hormones and their metabolites as well as key metabolic pathways, provides insight into the contribution that sex hormones may have in patients presenting with hormone-related complaints, and helps assess disease risk associated with elevated estrogen metabolites.

Urine measures the most metabolites, providing more insight into associated disease risk.

The Complete Hormones profile evaluates:

Progesterone (via pregnanediol)

Glucocorticoids, including cortisol

Androgens, including DHEA and testosterone, and their metabolites

Estrogens (E1 Estrone, E2 Estradiol, E3 Estriol) and metabolites, including hydroxylated and methoxylated estrogens

Methylation capacity

5α-reductase activity

Anabolic/Catabolic Balance


The unique report configuration provides for easy interpretation and clinically actionable results:

The Steroidogenic Pathway-At-A-Glance page allows the clinician to see patient results along the metabolic cascade, allowing a quick assessment of potential areas of concern in hormone production and metabolism.

The Interpretation-At-A-Glance page summarizes results through color-coded graphic representations of overall hormonal balance and metabolism, highlighting key ratios for easier test interpretation and clinical application.


When should the Complete Hormones test be considered?

The Complete Hormones test is designed to assist in the management of hormone-related symptoms in both males and females.

The Complete Hormones test is ideal for establishing a baseline assessment of parent hormones and their metabolites ahead of clinical intervention with hormone therapy (HT) as well as subsequent monitoring if needed in both female and male patients.

The Complete Hormones test provides insight into the impact that shifting hormone levels may play in men (andropause or male menopause) and women (peri/menopause). Symptoms include the following:

Weight gain



Muscle mass loss

Muscle weakness

Low libido and sexual performance issues

Hair loss

Sleep disturbances

Brain fog

Mood instability

Hot flashes

Vaginal dryness


In addition to supporting patient management around hormone-dependent symptoms, the profile provides valuable insight into disease risk for hormone-associated cancers (breast, prostate) and osteoporosis.

Genova Complete Hormones™ 24hr

  • Contact Genova to find a lab near you to complete the blood draw.

    Blood draw is responsibility of customer and not included in the price of the  lab kit.

  • There are no returns or refunds. If lab kit is damaged, defective, or missing componenets, the kit can be replaced.

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