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The metabolism slows down when you have the same daily routine with diet and exercise. When the body is "tricked" with a change of eating and movement patterns, the metabolism responds by speeding up.

Therefore we have designed a plan that you can repeat as long as you would need, that mixes up your way of eating every couple of days in order to reset the metabolism.


The plan includes:

  • 1 Container of Thorne Medibolic Shake Powder
  • 1 Container of Thorne MediClear - SGS Chocolate or Vanilla Shake Powder
  • 1 Container of  Thorne MediPro Vegan Chocolate or Vanilla Shake Powder
  • Guidelines for eating for each part of the week, along with recipes to coincide with each food plan


Trick Your Metabolism Plan

$225.00 Regular Price
$191.25Sale Price
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