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Emotional and Environmental Impact on Thyroid Issues

When it comes to thyroid issues, especially with auto immune thyroid issues such as hashimoto's and grave's disease, the emotions and environment have the biggest impact. In this video Sadhguru, explains how the Western lifestyle of being on the run and having things buzzing around us (aka EMFs) impacts our stress levels and sleep, and ultimately our physical health.

This is true of many physical health issues, where we think if we only ate better or took another supplement we would feel better. While these are helpful, if we ignore fixing our emotional and environmental health, it is impossible to fix a health issue.

This is why I share The Therapy Minute videos of Sheera Davis, LCSW; It is of the utmost importance to have awareness of our emotions and be conscious of our environment. She has helped hundreds of people gain a perspective change and live life to the fullest. We need to all take the time to slow down and attain balance.


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