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COVID-19 IV Vitamin C life saving treatment and prevention

This is an amazing story of a 70 year old woman with a history of chronic illnesses, in Wuhan province (ground zero of COVID-19) who was admitted to the hospital. She had been declining, and was eventually put on an iron lung due to respiratory complications. With high doses of IV Vitamin C, she was able to reverse the progress of symptoms due to Coronavirus and began to recover.

Please publicize this video to anyone you know who may be at risk for complications if they do contract COVID-19 such as a history of respiratory issues, chronic disease, or anyone above the age of 60.

If you would like more information on how to receive IV Vitamin C therapy if you live locally in the state of Florida, or how to get high dose oral Vitamin C at 25% off, please contact us @ or call us at 954-888-8335

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